BlueCove and Bluetooth stack on Windows

Supported stacks

BlueCove currently supports the Microsoft (winsock), WIDCOMM and BlueSoleil Bluetooth stack.

To see which stack is installed for a specific Bluetooth hardware follow those steps on Windows XP

  • Open the Control Panel.
  • Open "System"
  • Click in the "Hardware" tab.
  • Click on "Device Manager"
  • Browse to your Bluetooth device
  • Right click and select "Properties"
  • Click on "Driver" tab.


  • On Desktop find "My Computer" and Select context menu "Manage"
  • In "Computer Management" select "Device Manager"
  • On the top there would be "Bluetooth Devices" or "Bluetooth Radios" see the "Properties"

This is some examples from my system

My computer has Widcomm first and Microsoft Bluetooth stacks installed

This is Microsoft Bluetooth stack "Properties"
This is how WIDCOMM (Broadcom) "Properties" looks like
This is BlueSoleil (IVT Corporation) Bluetooth stack "Properties"